A Forgotten Bin

Every weekday morning, I follow the same routine: hit the alarm a couple of times, say my morning offering prayers, usually twice because I doze off until the alarm jars me awake again, climb out of bed and hit the shower.  As I begin to get ready, I always turn on ABC News.  It is the only time I really get a chance to stay current with, well, current events.  For awhile, I wouldn’t even do that, because I hated hearing about depressing “stuff.”  But I’m a big girl now and can usually handle most of it.  After all, there is some good “stuff” there too, like the day my grandson became famous for his picture that was chosen to be aired on Tracy Butler’s Weather Sketchers a couple of months ago.

This morning, my television turned on but the screen was blank.  This meant I needed the television remote, not the cable remote.  I couldn’t find it anywhere, and my routine was totally thrown off course.  Gone are the days of trying to make a TV work without the remote, by walking up to it and hitting a button.  My television happens to be mounted on the wall, higher than I can reach. No news today, but I was okay with that.  I would find the remote when I got home.

Easier said than done.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Even a prayer to St. Anthony didn’t work, and that ALWAYS  works for me. (I once found a contact on a very windy day with his help).  I looked all over.  My only thought was Brynn.  My two-year-old granddaughter is a thief.  I wouldn’t put it past her to hide it in the diaper bag, although I can’t imagine why she would want a gray remote.  Maybe she threw it in the garbage.  Hopefully it will show up, sooner than later.

As I was looking for the remote, I found a plastic bin under my bed that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and had completely forgotten about.  I had a million things to do tonight, and the least of these was looking through a bin from yesteryear.  But that is exactly what I did. Avoidance?  Maybe. Did the floor really need to be washed?  Do I really have to set up a birthday dinner, calling siblings/texting family members for my father’s 84th birthday which will take place tomorrow?  Do I have to slice? Eat dinner?

Some of the oddest things were in this bin.  For instance, who would keep the leash, brush, even the baby teeth, of a dog that passed away years ago (Katie was much more than a dog to  me, she was my first daughter, so okay, I can see keeping the leash)  But keeping Katie’s toothbrush? I did that too.  But, I also kept Michelle’s tooth and a note to the tooth fairy in this same bin, asking for a “pichyour” promising not to show anyone else. (Hope the tooth fairy doesn’t mind)!  There was a little card in there that I had made for my mother for her birthday, dreams/nightmares I had written down when I was going through a rough patch, a passport that I never used, various IDs from past schools and jobs, little address books, even keys that may be from the jet way doors at Midway Airport where I used to board people on the planes, (which reminds me now of the time I ran over a lavatory truck in the middle of a blizzard with a jet way, trying to avoid getting hit by an airplane wing pulling away from the gate, but that’s a whole other story.  I still feel sorry for the guys from Southwest who had to clean that mess up).


In the middle of a very busy afternoon,  I sat on the floor of my bedroom and reminisced.  I forgot what I was looking for, forgot the need to wash the floor, and even forgot to eat for awhile. I did, however, send a text to family members, and write this slice!  A nice afternoon and evening, all in all!


12 thoughts on “A Forgotten Bin

  1. I really like the tone of this piece. It started out kind of light-hearted and humorous (My granddaughter is a thief) and then ended on a more serious, emotional note. I enjoyed the journey of the piece, if that makes sense.
    Also, loved the details of what you found in that box! For some reason, “a passport that I never used” really impacted me. Made me have lots of questions. What happened? Did you have plans?

    Great Slice, Lynn. Super enjoyable to read.

  2. I too loved the nods to your grandkids–the day your son became famous, and that your granddaughter is a thief. And I love how that which you were looking for, your remote, led you to something you clearly needed to find more, your box of memories. How clever to take the time to reminisce in the past rather than be inundated with the present with the news…! Really liked this!

  3. Ditto on what Dana said. I loved how it started humorous and then a little more serious while still holding on to the humor. Looks like St. Anthony pointed you in the right direction. He’s helped my find lots! Your writing also made time sit still in that moment when you were looking through that bin. I loved it.

  4. Great piece and I have a connection. LOL I have several bins under my bed with similar items/memories. It’s amazing how you forget about pieces of your past until you find your bins…

  5. Sounds like an amazing afternoon. I love getting lost in important memories. There is something about kids and remotes that they are drawn to. Audrey used to hide the remotes on us all the time.

  6. This is great. I wish I could go back to a few laughs here and a few laughs there to get me through the crazy days but I’ll settle for the new daily slices. 1. I said in my head “she’s gonna pray to Saint Anthony first” 2. I knew you would lead straight to Brynn 3. I laughed at you shuffling through the misc bin because I watched you getting sidetracked and 4. You likely forgot to mention an old pair of glasses you found. There’s no way there wasn’t at least one pair.

    • Lol….wrongo pregnant lady! I went back to that bin to check. I did not see any glasses but I did find in there a crocheted glasses holder that Michelle had given me a long time ago…..along with my 8th grade autograph book, a chewed up dog toy, and one drumstick (I could name a few dozen more items, but you get the gist). You are so funny. 🙂

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