Writer’s Block

Day 7 and I am sitting with my laptop on my lap (hence the name “laptop”) and haven’t a clue as to what to write.  I feel like one of my reluctant writers right now.  I start to think about a list I threw together for times like this, an emergency list of topics to write about.  But I don’t feel like getting it out. Even though I scanned through it earlier and can remember some of the topics, I just don’t feel like writing any of it.  I think, “Maybe I’ll write something funny right now,” but I’m not in that funny writing type of mood.  Then, “Maybe I will write something reflective.”  I’m not there either. I start to write a poem and realize I am not a poet. I am feeling more and more like the young writer who claims he/she can’t think of anything to write about.  Maybe he/she really couldn’t think of anything, after all. Or maybe he/she wasn’t in any kind of writing type of mood. I wonder how much mood has to do with the writing process.  I like to write, so I will get over this feeling, hopefully by tomorrow, (if not, it will make for a very long slicing month).  It makes me think of the student who DOESN’T get over it, doesn’t get past the slump.  Feeling this now, will it help me help him/her? What can I do to help? I’ll have to think about that. This might be the perfect time to think, because it sure isn’t the perfect time to WRITE!


12 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. This is exactly why we should do what we ask our kids to do. You put it down on “keyboard” so well! I hope the ideas flow more freely. I’ve resorted to asking Maddie to write ideas for me. Sometimes they’re even the best.

  2. It’s eye-opening, isn’t it? To feel like our students for a minute?
    When I feel like that, I just start typing. It sounds dumb, maybe cliche, but it works. I just start putting words down and, eventually, something comes out.

  3. I am right there with you. I feel panicked when I need to write something and just can’t come up with the words. It makes me so happy to know that we now give our students so much more choice in their writing, but I can see those panicked faces when an assessment forces them to write on one topic.

  4. I felt this way today, too! So hard to think of something to write about…and it made me think of the times my students struggle in class to think of a topic to write on, or how to start off a piece an interesting way, etc. Definitely reminded me to be a little bit more patient, and understanding, with my students and to share when I struggle with topic choice as well. Great slice!!! 🙂

  5. Having a moment like this really puts things into perspective. Maybe next time ask the student to just start like this – share this piece with them and maybe it will spark something in them.

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! Your block turned into such a great piece! Thank you for helping me connect with students in that way. It is such a frustrating hump to get over sometimes and equally frustrating to be the unsuccessful exhausted cheerleader on the side. Do this! Do that! Look at your list! What about this? Let a book inspire you! Just touch your pencil to the paper! WRITE!!!! Mood definitely makes a difference for me and that’s never been more true than this year for many of my students!!

  7. This is so true!! Maybe our students truly don’t always know what they want to write about. I get writer’s block frequently too. It takes a ton of time for me to get inspired about what I’m going to write about each day. You aren’t the only one!!

  8. Oh been there. It’s so frustrating. I’m combat it two ways – have a conversation or pick up something to read. Somehow, someway that always get these the wheels turning for me and many times for my students (once upon a time when I had a class). Anyway, I really like this honest slice.

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