ImageCasey is spending the night with a friend tonight, so I immediately jumped on the chance to have Matthew, my nine-year-old grandson here alone.  That doesn’t happen too often.  Both grandchildren love some alone time with Grandma, but they both feel left out when one gets to come over and the other doesn’t.  So I usually have both, and they inevitably end up fighting and driving me crazy.  One time when Matthew was at the hospital for hours with a possible broken ankle, I was called upon to pick Casey up from a play date.  That worked for me. Casey and I would get some quality time together. Or so I thought.  My house happens to be on the way home from the hospital, and Matthew wanted to stop and show me his cast and crutch.  He ended up staying at my house that night, along with Casey.  I don’t have stairs, and he wasn’t ready to attempt them the first day with crutches.

So, tonight is Matthew’s night.  I didn’t figure on Xbox and his new found ability to talk to friends online through Xbox.  He is sitting in the same room with me, talking to four or five other friends, creating all sorts of worlds on Minecraft, speaking what seems to be a different language at times, or a different meaning to the same language:

There’s a griever!


Pizzawizard, you are not on my team because you are not butter (said with laughter)

Spy resistance!

He’s a noob (new person, I’m told).

Dude, there’s a chest full of iron ingots!


and on and on!

But, every so often, Matthew looks over at me (as I sit with my computer writing my slice) and smiles. And whispers “Hi”….and my heart melts. That’s enough for now. Tomorrow, we will talk over a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and sausage, before church and a call to his friend down the street to come over and play.


6 thoughts on “Matthew

  1. My mom would love this slice. She’s a grandma like you. 🙂 I got a “hi” text message from my niece last night and it made my day. At 13 she’s usually too cool for me.

  2. Ohhhh… all those little remarks of his! Like a creature from another planet! And that you are so in love with him too. As a mom of three, I cherish like crazy the moments that I get to spend with just one of them. I try to make them feel like the spotlight is on THEM, but I think I’m the big winner.

  3. Oh my god, I love this! I so confused and fascinated by the kids’ minecraft language. I’ve been trying to get a handle on it for a while now so I can understand their obsessive little world better! I love how you capture his dialogue so well and I love that you just take in the moment that he’s content with you and you with him regardless of the activity!

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