“Grandma, I think you should wear that one instead,”  said my six-year old granddaughter, the fashion expert.  I could easily see her strutting down a runway wearing an Armani dress years down the road.  Better yet, she may be in competition with the best designers in the world, with her creativity.  When I watch her leave my house to walk to her friend’s house next door, I can’t help but think she is the most adorable kid around, from her fuzzy stylin’ boots, leggings, and carefully chosen dress to her gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair put back in a messy pony.

Casey is so much fun to listen to.  She has got this Boston accent (we have no idea where she may have picked that up), and has a difficult time forming the /r/ sound.  I know I should probably get involved and work with her on it, or have Michelle call the school and get a speech evaluation done, but it’s just so darn cute, and so a part of her.  Maybe sometime soon.

Casey is extremely shy around the unknown.  When someone comments on her pretty eyes, or beautiful outfit, or maybe just asks her how school is going, Casey will stare up at the nearest “safe” adult, with eyes that seem to be saying “Get me out of this situation NOW!”  She still avoids talking to uncles and older cousins.  Last year, when she thought the librarian was yelling at her, she wanted to stay home from school on library days.  Her mother had to walk her into school almost daily.  Fortunately, this year, first grade, is better for her.

Casey has many friends. I think she always will.  She has that personality that attracts others to her. She is also willing to share, act silly, and is so thoughtful.  I can already tell that she will belong to that large group of girls, the ones that are not the most popular, know-they-are popular girls, but the group just beneath that, the ones that just enjoy hanging out and having fun.  That’s the group I’d like to see her with.

She is my sweetheart, and I love that she loves being with Grandma.


8 thoughts on “Casey

  1. You’re such a good grandma, Lynn. Your love for these kids just shines through your words – both in writing and when you talk about them. You have such a different love for each of them. I love this.

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