Corky, the Chucky doll.

My sister and her husband own a cabin on Lake Thunderbird.  We spend lots of time there in the summer.  One spring, a few years ago, Kathy and I went there for the sole purpose of getting the place ready for summer visits.  The basement was just a place to throw the items (junk) you didn’t necessarily want to get rid of, but you didn’t want it getting in the way either.  My items (junk) also seemed to end up there along with other families’ stuff (junk).

We decided it was time to clean out the basement and make it more presentable for company: carpet, curtains, ping pong table, couch, etc.  Jim, my brother-in-law, knew we were going there on this particular weekend. Being a practical joker, he put an old, big Corky doll (reminded me of Chucky, actually) into a cooler to scare us. Corky was a gift given to their son years ago when he was little.  I suppose, at that time, it wasn’t so scary.  But throughout its life, it has lost an eye, looks a bit beat up, and has a scary looking grin on its face.  When I opened the cooler, I was quite startled.  Kathy and I both had a laugh, and decided to return the favor, so we hid Corky in his bed, under the covers. He often went to the cabin himself during the week and would discover it before anyone else.  This became a continuous prank for us.  Whoever discovered Corky would come up with another plan for him.  Corky was seen sitting on a bunk bed with a flashlight shining up eerily at his face, in the pantry stuck in the midst of bags and boxed food, a suitcase in the guest room, even in the boat by the lake.  I think the best prank was when my daughter and her family were leaving the cabin.  They spent hours making a contraption that would have Corky flying at the front door from the basement staircase when the door opened. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall to see Kathy’s face when she walked in that door.

I doubt Corky will ever be considered junk, but instead will be forever part of our treasured “cabin stories.”

IMG_5410 IMG_5412 IMG_5413-1


7 thoughts on “Corky, the Chucky doll.

  1. I was so invested from the first paragraph- I wanted to know what would happen to Corky! The picture at the bottom helps make it all that much clearer….that is one creepy doll!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a fun little game of hide and seek with a really freaky looking doll! :-). It was great reasons about all the little places that Corky has hidden. Fun times with family!

  3. There are not words to express how much I love that your family does this! How much fun. I’m working on an ugly blouse exchange that has been going on in my family since I was little. I also love the picture at the end. I resisted the urge to scroll down and see it.

  4. 1. that is one seriously freaky doll!
    2. that is one seriously fun joke!

    like the others who commented, I was hooked from the beginning, so you did a whole lot of things right in this slice!

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