Grandchildren With A Blog

Plans suddenly changed last night , and I had a chance to pick up my grandchildren for a pajama party.  My thought was to take Casey and Matt, leaving Brynn and Teagan with their mother, but my daughter looked so tired, so I took Brynn with me also.  Don’t get me wrong. I love Brynn dearly, but I don’t have the energy for her after a long day’s work.  By 7:30, after eating dinner, “sleeping” in Ahma’s bed, doing puzzles together, reading books, and playing cows, Brynn was ready to go home, standing at the door with Casey’s backpack on her shoulder.  On FaceTime, Michelle asked her multiple times if she wouldn’t rather stay at Grandma’s house instead. I won.  Michelle came to pick her up.

With just the two older grandchildren, I was able to sit down and read some slices while nine-year-old Matthew watched some Youtube video on Minecraft, and six-year-old Casey continued to write in little books she made from cut up sheets of paper, stapled together.

It wasn’t long before Casey shared her writing with me, and I shared the slice I had written about her.  Matthew immediately wanted to hear what I wrote about  him. They both decided they wanted a blog, too.  I thought, “Why not? One of our teachers set up a blog for each of her first graders, and they are slicing.”  Casey, in the last two days, wrote 22 little books, complete with pictures, so she was more than ready. And Matthew wants to become a famous fourth grader, writing informational pieces about Minecraft and Animal Jam, just like Skylander Boy and Girl. SkylanderBoy and Girl, along with their crazy, fun father have Youtube videos that often have Matthew and Casey in stitches.  Matthew tried the Youtube venue but didn’t get many hits, so he gave up.  Maybe he’ll become famous blogging.

So the rest of our evening was spent coming up with email addresses and wordpress accounts, phone calls to my daughter for verification codes sent to her phone, changing themes, etc. 

Matthew and I tried looking on a Minecraft blog site to see what needed to be done, but didn’t get too far.  He went back to his Youtube video.  After trying to write a blog, Casey decided she liked paper and pencil better. And I went back to reading and commenting on slices.  I’m not giving up, though.  I just have to do some research to find the perfect blogging site for each of them.

By the way, If anyone in our slicing community got a comment on their slice by an unfamiliar name (casemadmay), THAT was me.



9 thoughts on “Grandchildren With A Blog

  1. What a treat for your grandchildren to have you expanding their horizons and extending their opportunities. The smaller they are it seems the more energy they take especially after they become mobile. 🙂 I am sure your daughter appreciates your help.

  2. What a fun thing to do with your grandchildren! I love to hear that your little Casey is so wild about making books. Sounds like the two of you are cut from the same cloth!

  3. Your love for your grandchildren is so apparent. Introduction to blogging is step 1. Hopefully they will want to revisit it. Pen and paper isn’t so bad, Grandma! 🙂

  4. I can’t tell who’s luckier. Those growing kids who have the coolest most enthusiastic grandmother or Michelle who gets to have a “break” and know they’re in your hands making the utmost use of their time. It’s so cool how you can just take their ideas and run with them as far as they can go.

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