Palm Trees Swaying

In a little over a week, I will be on my way to Florida. I fell in love with the state on my first trip there during Easter vacation in my eighth grade year.  Eight of us, Mom, Dad, three brothers, two sisters, and myself all piled into our station wagon and away we went.  I don’t remember much about the car ride down, other than doing schoolwork in the car, and passing over the Swanee River of song.

What I remember most was the “arriving.”  We arrived at my grandparent’s winter home in St Pete Beach in the late evening.  As we scramble out of the car, I heard the sound of the warm breeze blowing through the palm trees way above us. I don’t think I had ever heard, seen, AND felt something so wonderful all at one time.  I’ve loved palm trees ever since. And, of course, Florida.  The fact that we were seeing our grandparents for the first time in three months was pretty exciting too. When I see a palm tree now, I feel that night, and remember.


6 thoughts on “Palm Trees Swaying

  1. Loved the line “heard, seen, AND felt something so wonderful all at one time”- There is something so powerful about experiencing something with multiple senses that makes us remember. I’m glad you will get to go back and feel that feeling again!

  2. I was going to quote the same line that Kim did above – I love that word choice. You “feel” that night! LOVE it.
    And, really, all of you in one station wagon?? Not a chance, no way would I do that! I can barely make it to Jewel with Maddie and Katie! HA!

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