Heart pounding
Body shaking
Hard to breathe
Thoughts controlling
Life is threatened

Fear is a horrendous thing
It takes over your life
It suffocates you
It consumes you

Like a low flying fog
That reaches its sinewy fingers
Willing its way toward you
To engulf you

And you can’t
Try as you might
You can’t
Get out
Can’t get away
running toward nothing

So you think and you dwell
Then you change things
You don a protective necklace
You wear a glove to write and
play your favorite game
You remain inside your home
Afraid to take a step outside

You give in to the lie
Thoughts in your head
Telling you to be afraid

And sometimes it hides
But you know
In your heart
It will be back.

(There are so many children and adults today suffering from anxiety and OCD. It’s a silent, but agonizing disorder that is often overlooked.  Awareness, patience, and understanding is key to helping them).  Thank you, Linda!


6 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Your poem was a great reminder for me of people who suffer with anxiety. From past experience, anxiety can be so debilitating. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have anxiety all the time.

  2. Great slice, Lynn! Love the poem. The repetition of “Can’t” gets your point across so strongly. I would rather be anything else but fearful…there is no escaping it. Ugh!

  3. Awesome poem! The running towards nothing line really stood out to me- what an image. And the “But you know
    In your heart It will be back” creates such a feeling of even greater fear.

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