I had forgotten the feeling of the sun on my face.

I used to work for an airline. I wouldn’t go a month in the winter, without a quick couple of days to Florida visiting family, sitting on the beach, getting a quick burn that turned tan. I always loved that first day, the first kiss of the sun.

Today reminded me of that time in my life. I slept in. I’m usually the last one to the coffee pot on vacation. Two cousins (who have been more like sisters to us), three sisters, and a spattering of nieces and nephews spent the rest of the day just catching up, soaking in the sun, laughing, eating, drinking. We were going to go to the beach, but never left the deck. The sun peeked in and out all day, the temperature perfect.

My sister and I made a major life changing decision today. When we retire, we WILL spend January and February in Florida each year. We owe it to ourselves. Our families will have to deal with it. They can come with, visit, or wait for our return. We intend to soak in the sun and enjoy the relaxation only found away from the responsibilities of normal day to day living.

I had forgotten the feeling of the sun on my face.


5 thoughts on “Forgotten

  1. Loved the bookends “I had forgotten the feeling of the sun on my face.” It brought everything together nicely. This made me feel jealous that I am sitting here hoping it will be more than 30 degrees today. Enjoy that sun and bring some back!

  2. That is an addicting feeling. I moved from Montana where the winters are gray and long to Southern California where it never goes for longer than a day without the sun peeking through. If it rains two days in a row everyone is grumpy. I love that feeling of the sun on my face also. Enjoy!

  3. I shy away from the sun normally, but this is a great reminder of how much it is missed this winter! I love this slice because it shares such a great memory about your life before. Able to sneak off to Florida every year like it’s the mall. That’s great. Nice slice!

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