My Significant Other

They say opposites attract.  Maybe that’s why Jim and I have lasted so long.  He likes winter. I like summer.  He wants to move to Bozeman, Montana when he retires.  I want to move to Sarasota, Florida.  Jim loves mornings.  I’m a night owl.  Jim loves sporting events.  I love movies, plays, and dinners out.  You get the picture.  We are polar opposites.  Have been for twenty years.

There could be another reason we’ve lasted.  We never took our dating relationship to the next level. We did become engaged, maybe fifteen years ago, but decided to wait until the kids were older to actually marry. He had two, I had one, but we had different ideas on how to raise our kids, and so we decided to wait until they were in high school.  When Michelle reached high school age, we decided to wait until they were out of high school.  We then decided to wait until the kids were out of the house and settled into their own lives.  Our last excuse was to wait until we were both retired. 

The kids made “Save the Date” magnets for us one time.  They thought they could nudge us into matrimony.  Obviously, they were wrong.  I think they have given up.



4 thoughts on “My Significant Other

  1. I love this. You make it seem like you guys have been married for years at the beginning of your slice. Then, you revealed that marriage hadn’t occurred….and that is absolutely OK! Relationships come in all different packages – the important thing is the relationship, not the institution. Good for you!!

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