Teagan is my fourth grandchild.  She is almost eight months old.  She is such a doll.  When Michelle takes her anyplace, she doesn’t make a peep.  She’s a people watcher, the kind that makes you wonder what their thinking about.  A few weeks ago, we took her to Sketch Fest downtown.  It was an adult comedy show, but one of the stars in the show was Jim’s daughter, so Michelle had no choice.  Teagan will not stay with anyone but her mother, and she had to see Diana in the show.  Not a sound was heard from Teagan the whole time.

At home, it’s a different story.  She babbles on and on, and laughs at the other three kids and their antics.  She is constantly on the move, not walking or crawling yet.  In a sitting position, she somehow moves her bottom in such as way that gets her closer to her mother, or at least, to her mother’s Iphone.

Because the other three take so much of my time, I don’t know Teagan as well.  But I am eager to spend lots of time with her this summer, and watch her personality unfold.



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