Family Camping

Last night was the final evening visiting family in Florida. The weather was terrible, but the company was great! We reminisced the whole evening, and laughed more than most of us had in a long time. One story, especially, had us in stitches.
We were all set to go camping. It took my mother and my aunt a week to pack. It wasn’t easy packing for twenty. The problem on this particular trip was that the “men” had to work, so they wouldn’t be able to join us until the next day. We were getting pretty good at camping, the kids helping to put up tents and set up camp. It was going to be okay.

It started out well. We found the perfect spot at Circle C campgrounds. There was no one around us, which is always nice when there were seventeen kids of all ages in our group. Our fathers would be proud.

That is….until it rained…..poured cats and dogs. The one little fact that wasn’t considered is WHY no one else was camped near us. We set up camp at the bottom of a hill on a day when a major storm was forecasted. Tents caved in…lights went was ruined…kids were screaming… all in the middle of the night.

I’m not sure, but that might have been our last family camping trip. Not funny then, hysterical on Friday night.


4 thoughts on “Family Camping

  1. I love the short and sweet nature of this slice. Short, but yet packed so much emotion and action! It unfolded beautifully….into such a tragic ending. I hope the “men” didn’t gloat when they finally made it!

  2. Sometimes those crazy experiences we live through turn into the best stories and memories later. 17 kids camping- as a kid it sounds amazing, as an adult- sounds exhausting. Great last line!

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